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Our Capabilities
Our Facilities
The Palms boast many amazing services and facilities. We pride ourselves in creating a one-stop shop for all your health needs.
Lumino The Dentist

Our Palmerston North dentists have a wide area of expertise that includes teeth whitening, crowns, and bridges. Whether you are looking for pain-free and gentle dental care.


Medlab Central Limited test samples from patients referred by general practitioners, specialists, midwives and other medical referrers, and is located at the Dahlia St end of our building.

Unichem Pharmacy

We are a large pharmacy providing a one-stop shop, beside filling your prescriptions we have everything required for all your health and beauty needs.

The Palms Cafe

We have a great cafe here at the Palms. Feel free to relax and have a coffee while you wait for your appointment or prescription.

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Our Capabilities
We have a variety of services and ways. We can help you and your family.
Regular Checkups

To maintain optimal health, you should have regular checkups, especially if you suffer from any long-term conditions.

Men's Health

Here at The Palms we consider men’s health is important. For the best outcome, any health concerns need to be addressed in a timely manner.

Women's Health

Our women are the key figures in the family it is important that they take time to take care of themselves.

Sexual Health

Empowering men and women to take control of their sexual health and well-being by offering education, support and readily available services.

Mental Health

We empower and support people to maintain good mental health, independence and be productive members of the community.

Maternity Care

We make sure you are healthy and comfortable during your pregnancy leading to a happy and well baby.

Minor Surgery

We have on-site facility to provide timely access to a wide range of minor surgical procedures.

Accident & Emergency

We are an accredited provider of Urgent Care (including accidents), with on-site Xray  facilities  covering a wide range of urgent medical conditions with a short waiting time.


We here at The Palms offer quick access to prescriptions. Scripts can be requested online through your patient portal, MyIndici. e-prescriptions connects us directly with your pharmacist. You also have the added convenience of Unichem Pharmacy being on-site.


‘Prevention is better than cure’. We offer immunizations to children and adults according to the national immunization schedule, we also offer Travel Vaccines and Shingles (free for those over 65).

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